I’ve been hurt in a car accident. What should I do first?

Notify your insurance company and get an application for Accident Benefits. Go see your family doctor and get some treatment for your injuries. Then come in for a free consultation with me. I can help you understand your rights.

What are Accident Benefits?

Accident Benefits pay for income replacement, medical and rehabilitation needs, caregiver expenses, housekeeping and home maintenance expenses and vary depending on the insurance coverage you placed.

Can I sue the driver who hit me?

Yes you can. You can sue for the economic losses you have (the losses and expenses not covered by Accident Benefits) and you can sue for your pain and suffering if you have what is called a Threshold Injury.

What is a threshold injury?

It is a permanent serious injury to an important bodily function that is physical, psychological or mental in nature and affects either your employment or substantially all of your daily activities. It is also a serious permanent disfigurement or death. Many factors are considered in deciding if you have a threshold injury.

When do I need to sue?

For most lawsuits you must sue within 2 years of the date of the accident.

I tripped and fell. Can I sue the owner of the property?

Yes you can. Their responsibility is under the Occupiers Liability Act and they must keep the premises “reasonably safe in the circumstances”. Usually you must sue within 2 years.

I’ve been bitten by a dog. Can I sue the owner?

Yes you can. Dog owners are responsible for any harm caused by their dog and usually have insurance coverage for the dogs’ actions under their homeowners’ insurance policy. Usually you must sue within 2 years.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

I take most cases on a percentage basis so I do not take a retainer from you, I cover the expenses involved in the lawsuit and you reimburse me and pay me a percentage of your recovery when the case settles. It’s called a Contingency Fee Agreement. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.