Doing Great Work With OTLA

I’m happy to say I have been re-elected to the Board of Directors at the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. It’s another 3 year commitment. I enjoy being on the Board. The work is so important and I really know we are helping influence the future!

The goal is always to improve the laws so that victims of car accidents, slip and falls etc. can recover financially and emotionally. Plus my fellow Directors all have a great sense of humor so that doesn’t hurt.

I’m quite proud of the work done by the OTLA Board. We are an organization of exclusively Plaintiff lawyers and it’s a surprisingly cooperative and selfless group.

Listen, I am well aware that no one likes lawyers in general but lately our reputation in the news is just getting worse and worse. Scandals cross the pages of the newspapers and stories of overbilling, lying in advertising and the “ambulance chaser” stereotype abounds. We are insulated from the worst of it down here but it’s a big problem in Toronto and we are starting to see Toronto firms advertising here. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to drive all the way to Toronto for advice when there are plenty of good personal injury lawyer’s right here.

The vast majority of personal injury lawyers are just like me. They want to take care of their clients. Our job is to take the stress off and take responsibility for your problems and that isn’t always easy. Despite the challenges, and the hits to lawyer’s reputations, I hope that our clients at least recognize that we aren’t the bad apples. Try to stick up for us next time you hear lawyers getting trashed at your neighborhood bar!

OTLA maintains a confidential Listserve where experienced lawyers like myself answer questions and actively mentor our membership, we do charitable work, promote and hand out bike helmets, maintain a website with lots of useful advice and help for the public and we provide continuing education for lawyers.

I’m co-Chairing the fall conference and already dreading the public speaking aspect of that. Isn’t it funny how you can be perfectly confident and calm in a Court room but absolutely panicked at the thought of speaking before hundreds of lawyers? Wish me luck! Here’s hoping I at least get the names right!