Top 5 Reasons To Contact Sullivan Injury Law

1) We Love Arguing With Insurance Companies!

Did you know that if you file a personal injury claim, chances are you will be dealing with an insurance company and not the person who hurt you? In fact, if your injury claim is successful, it is that person’s insurance company that will pay you compensation.

In Ontario, car owners are obligated by law to purchase insurance. This ensures that innocent accident victims get compensated and owners don’t have to pay out of their own pockets when they accidentally hurt someone. That’s also why most people buy property insurance, which covers them if they accidentally hurt someone on their property.

If you are seriously injured in an accident that is someone else’s fault, the purpose of their insurance is to provide you with fair compensation and protect them from out of pocket expenses. It’s win-win.

Insurance companies are businesses, so naturally they want to make profit. The less compensation they pay you, the more money they keep for themselves. We love negotiating with insurance companies – we’re good at it! We get our clients the compensation they deserve and save them a great deal of time and stress in the process.

2) We Value Relationships

Our clients are people, not files. If we take on your case it’s because we enjoyed getting to know you and your story when we met, and we want to help you. We enjoy knowing we have eased your mind and will happily take on the stress for you.     

If you become a client of Sullivan Injury Law, we will take the time to meet with you in person, listen to your concerns, and give straightforward answers. We take care of the legal work and keep you informed so you can focus on your health and getting your life back. Our clients have described us as “approachable”, “caring”, and “kind”.

3) We’ve Been “Speaking Insurance” For Over 30 Years

It’s important that the lawyer you hire has experience handling personal injury claims, and there are reasons why. First, lawyers have reputations among people working in the personal injury field – insurance adjusters, defence lawyers, judges, and even juries. You want to hire a lawyer who is perceived as credible so that your case is taken seriously.

Second, your lawyer will make dozens of decisions about risk, timing, and value while handling your case. It takes a lot of confidence based on experience to make the right decisions that will position you for fair and rightful compensation.

Siona Sullivan, the namesake of our firm, has been helping people with serious injuries and families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents for over 30 years.

4) We Win More Suits Than We Have In Our Closets

That’s our way of saying that at Sullivan Injury Law, we’re known for our tenacity and success (and sense of humour! Sometimes laughter is the best medicine).

Siona Sullivan’s experience goes beyond settling cases – she knows how to win trials in front of judges and juries. Most cases never need to go to trial, but with three decades of trial experience we know how to help you get the best possible compensation and regain financial health. If we don’t settle or win your case, you don’t pay legal fees – that’s our fee guarantee.

5) The First Meeting Is Always Free

We offer no-pressure free meetings for people who have been seriously injured in car, slip and fall, dog bite, and other accidents in the Niagara region. This is an opportunity for you to get answers to your questions and explore whether we’re the right law firm for you. It’s also an opportunity for us to collect information about your case to see if we can help you. It’s our mission to provide a positive experience to everyone who consults and hires us.

Let Us Help You Get Your Life Back

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