Here’s What’s Up With Me... What’s Up With You?

Photo by dosecreative/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by dosecreative/iStock / Getty Images

I’m pleased to introduce our new monthly newsletter.  Just a friendly reminder that I’m still here if you need me.  I get so involved in your lives while we are in litigation and I have never managed to stop wondering what happened to all of you after it finishes!  Linda and I are always thrilled when someone drops by to update us. Over the years I’ve always worked for clients who I like and enjoy so I thought I’d tell you what’s up with me and maybe if you get a chance you could let me know how you are too.  

My oldest son is now a lawyer and working in Hamilton.  My next son is getting his law degree too.  My youngest has finished his degree at Brock and is taking a music degree so they are all still making me a proud Mom.  I’ve taken up Horseback riding, believe it or not, and love it.  It’s the only exercise I’ve ever found that doesn’t feel like exercise.  Maybe because I’m just concentrating on trying not to fall off!   

Some of you may not know that I’ve moved up to the 9th floor in the same building.  I also opened up St Catharines Mediation Services right next door.  Now when I go to Mediations it’s literally steps away!  Much easier and less stressful for clients.  I thought of all of you when I set it up.  There are comfortable chairs, ice packs in the fridge, a sofa to lay down on and lots of water bottles and coffee available to help keep everyone going.  

I hope you enjoy this newsletter but if you would rather not receive them please just let me know.  My email is still and the phone number is 905 346 5055.